Сетки на окна. Москитная сетка на окно своими руками. Как заменить сетку на окно.
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как заменить сетку на окно

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Cold and rough day of 18th of November 1980 turned out to be the brightest and one of the happiest in Tcherezov’s family. That day Yuri Nikolaevich (born 05.09.1944, who is a professional driver and has been working during all his life at the wheel, nowadays he is a bus driver at the transportation department) and Nina Semenovna (born 29.01.1952, she has higher education – she is an economist and works at “Izhmash” factory) will always remember as the day the cutest and prettiest baby was born. They gave him a truly beautiful Russian name – Ivan. The event took place in the town baring another beautiful name – Izhevsk. When Ivan was 9 years old he started practicing biathlon. It was his friend, who advised him to try the sport out. Vanya in his turn brought along some more of his friends and because of that the training sessions were always something full of fun and joy. Ivan’s parents were happy their son chose biathlon as his hobby. Ivan’s first coach was Vladimir Novikov. Naturally there were some problems along the way. After 9th grade (in 1996) Ivan was about to give up biathlon and only his mother was able to dissuade him. Vanya followed her advice and continued practicing the sport. His first victory came to Ivan in 5th grade, although it had nothing to do with biathlon. He ranked first in the run race “School mile” and was awarded a musical cup. First biathlon success came in 1995. Ivan won Sprint race at Junior Championships in Udmurtia. After finishing school in 1998 Ivan joined the Izhevsk branch of Nizhegorodski Academy of Law. He graduated from it in 2002. From September 2002 until April 2005 Ivan worked at the police station. He ranks Senior Lieutenant right now. 27th of August 2004 was a very special day in Ivan’s life. He married Irina. She is a charming young woman whom he met during his school years. She has nothing to do with sport and works as an engineer at the local factory. Irina has two diplomas: as industrial engineer and as interpreter. From April 2005 Ivan represents CSCA – Central Sport Club of Army (before he represented Dinamo) Ivan enjoys skating, rollerblading and downhill skiing, but as a member of the National team Ivan can only afford enjoying his hobbies in his free from World Cup stages time. He is a great fun of Michael Schumacher and drives a car himself (by the way he has already won twice a “Volga” car). In May of the current year he bought a new car – Volvo S 60.

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